Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are you a therapist?

Answer: No – in the State of Tennessee, licensure as a therapist requires a graduate degree and 3000 hours of supervised client interaction, along with passing a state exam. Dustin Stitt (Founder of ETMA) is still a senior in his undergraduate psychology program at MTSU, but has a wealth of experience obtained through his background as a military intelligence collector and analyst, along with other managerial experiences. Even following graduate school, Dustin does not wish to become a licensed therapist because he believes that the holistic development of individuals is the future of mental health. You can’t complete a puzzle by only working on one corner of it.

Question: Do you accept insurance?

Answer: No, since we don’t employ licensed therapists, we can only accept cash pay clients. Our cash pay rate is 45/hour, but we also offer subscriptions and accept sponsorship from individuals and companies.

Question: How does sponsorship work at ETMA?

Answer: To become a sponsor, simply follow this link. You will sponsor one session per month for a person in need. You’ll also be listed on our home page as a sponsor, have a picture frame (filled with a brochure or logo of your choice) on our physical sponsorship wall in the building, and be mentioned in monthly social media posts thanking everyone for their support. You can choose to allocate the session to a particular group, such as veterans, single mothers, or first responders.

Question: Outside of individual sessions, how does ETMA support our communities mental health?

Answer: In addition to individual sessions, ETMA shares space with a martial arts dojo. We also run bi-weekly experiential trips designed for “mental health maintenance,” and plan to host events such as art classes, jewelry making classes, writing workshops, and yoga. Follow us on social media to keep up with current events!

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