Psych nerds: Humor as an Organizational Leadership Tool

According to a recent study by Caroline Rosenberg, Arlene Walker, Michael Leiter and Joe Graffam of Deacon University’s School of Psychology, humor in workplace leadership may not be a laughing matter. In fact, their research indicates that humor, used appropriately, can result in greater team cohesion, more productivity, and increased trust in organizational leadership. UsedContinue reading “Psych nerds: Humor as an Organizational Leadership Tool”

The Future of ETMA

From a college assignment:

“My career goal isn’t some abstract dream…it is my actual intent to change the world for the better to the best of my ability using lessons from the leaders, educators, and mentors who developed me into the person I am today.”

A nerdy article about workplace gossip

               For the average person, hearing about the existence of gossip in the workplace might invoke the feeling that a deviant behavior is causing a toxic work environment. Even for many managers, the immediate temptation would be to “squash the gossip,” but is that really the most appropriate response? According to an article published inContinue reading “A nerdy article about workplace gossip”

On Jiu Jitsu: A Formal Announcement

I’ve been collecting mental health tools for my entire life, and my role in the world is to share them in a way that is digestible to other humans. The best tool I’ve found in my own life though, came a little over a year ago after a decent amount of prodding from a goodContinue reading “On Jiu Jitsu: A Formal Announcement”