On Jiu Jitsu: A Formal Announcement

I’ve been collecting mental health tools for my entire life, and my role in the world is to share them in a way that is digestible to other humans. The best tool I’ve found in my own life though, came a little over a year ago after a decent amount of prodding from a good friend of mine.

Jiu Jitsu. It’s a grappling style of martial arts that I see as a symbolic representation of my own mental health battles. It’s all about balance, stability, leverage, and so many other concepts and principles that apply not only to the martial art, but to life itself.

Wanna know the magical part?

My Jiu Jitsu coach is opening his first dojo in the same building as ETMA! That’s right, we’re going to have mental health work AND the symbolic representation of that grappling match, IN THE SAME BUILDING. More to follow, but since this website will one day become a record of progress, I wanted to make sure that the announcement we made yesterday (10/19/2021) on social media didn’t get neglected on the website. Below are a few photos of the mat delivery:

There’s no one else I would trust more with my journey as a martial artist, and I’m absolutely THRILLED to be able to offer jiu jitsu in the same location as ETMA. More to follow – don’t forget to check out our reviews if you’re interested in a mental health resource. All the love! -Dustin (Founder, ETMA)

Published by East Tennessee Mentorship Association

East TN Mentorship Association is a veteran owned small business in East TN that aims to provide solution focused, accessible (affordable) mental health support and mentorship to our community. Our program is NOT clinical in nature - that is, we do not diagnose or treat mental illnesses, but instead, we encourage self-growth regardless of an individual's framework while encouraging them to seek therapy as necessary outside of ETMA. We offer a safe place for ALL people to navigate their inner voices using a variety of practical and experiential tools gained through years of study and time spent in cultures around the world. Our motto is "Earn your sanctuary" - we believe each individual holds the key to solving their own cognitive dissonance, but we ALSO believe that it really helps to have an objective sounding board now and again. Reach out to learn more!

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