Serene Saturdays: Recharge Your Spirit with ETMA!

Announcement: East TN Mentorship Association, LLC will be hosting “Serene Saturdays” every other weekend beginning on October 23rd, 2021. For the first couple of months, we will follow the route below, and perhaps switch to a new adventure once everyone has had the chance to experience the magic of Piney Falls! Our exact route is described below the interactive map!

A Cup of Joe

We will meet at East TN Mentorship Association (111 Robertsville Road, Oak Ridge) at 0900AM on Saturday morning to begin the day with a communal pot of coffee – feel free to bring breakfast if you’d like to as well. Following a morning chat, we’ll drive around an hour (bring your favorite playlist or podcast and focus on relaxing!) to Piney Falls trailhead and navigate a little less than one mile to the waterfall pictured below.

Piney Falls was one of the first places that I felt a spark of contentedness and creativity during a difficult time in my life, and I can’t wait to introduce ya’ll to it! You can actually walk behind the waterfall, which is surrounded by cliffs on all sides. There’s a little slope during the hike, but nothing overly strenuous. Please ask us questions if you are concerned about the difficulty of the hike, and everyone be sure to bring a bottle of water!

Lunch at a local barbecue

After some time spent listening to the waterfall, we will drive to Lefty’s BBQ in Crossville, TN. They have a delicious BLT and pulled pork, along with a lot of other great options. Across the street from the BBQ hole is a winery called Stonehaus, which we won’t visit as a group, but we can make time for a stop should anyone want to pick up a bottle to enjoy after the day’s events. After lunch, we’ll drive back toward the office, being sure to stop at Ozone Falls for one more glimpse of natural beauty.

A Parting Farewell!

Upon returning to the office, we’ll end the event, but I’ll hang around for awhile should anyone have anything they’d like to discuss. We do hard self-work during our individual sessions throughout the week, and this is meant to be light hearted and enjoyable day for everyone, myself included! Come spend some time recharging in nature with like minded people focused on self-growth! Coffee is included, everyone will purchase their own food, folks are free to drive or carpool at their own discretion, and we ask for $30 per person to help keep the work we do sustainable.

Interested in more experiential activities? Don’t forget, we can help you write a story or a book, or even learn to make jewelry!

Feel free to contact us with any questions, to RSVP, or to book an appointment!

Published by East Tennessee Mentorship Association

East TN Mentorship Association is a veteran owned small business in East TN that aims to provide solution focused, accessible (affordable) mental health support and mentorship to our community. Our program is NOT clinical in nature - that is, we do not diagnose or treat mental illnesses, but instead, we encourage self-growth regardless of an individual's framework while encouraging them to seek therapy as necessary outside of ETMA. We offer a safe place for ALL people to navigate their inner voices using a variety of practical and experiential tools gained through years of study and time spent in cultures around the world. Our motto is "Earn your sanctuary" - we believe each individual holds the key to solving their own cognitive dissonance, but we ALSO believe that it really helps to have an objective sounding board now and again. Reach out to learn more!

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